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Cancel Membership

If you’d like to cancel your membership, please bear in mind your agreement is for a full twelve months. Your cancellation will be effective on your next annual renewal date. You can find this date on your membership profile under the “Member Since” field.

We’re always sorry to see a member go however we understand that life plans create changes and new opportunities for our members. Notice of cancellation can be provided at any time before renewal and up to 30 days after the annual renewal date.

Kirkland Sailing Club provides an on-hold facility for members who need to pause their membership. Memberships can be placed on hold for up to 90 days.

If you decide to leave and then wish to return to the Club at some point in the future, the full joining fee will be once again payable. There may also be a waiting list to join the Club as it begins to reach capacity.

In order to re-join the Club at a future date, your membership needs to be in good-standing. If dues are in arrears, this will need to be brought up to date to the end of that final membership year. Per your membership agreement, an 18% charge will apply to those arrears.

If you wish to cancel, please Contact Us