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KSC 2023 Kirkland Summer Sailing Series

Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions

  • ALL COMPETITORS must complete the entry form and waiver in order to partake in this series.
  • ALL COMPETITOR PARTICIPANTS (skipper & crew) are required to complete the waiver.

Waiver should be completed by a) the yacht owner and b) any and all crew members that will participate on the same yacht in KSC regattas. In the event a crew member has not signed the waiver, that crew member will be deemed to not be a participant in the regatta at the liability of the owner. It is the yacht owner’s responsibility to ensure that waivers are completed by all participating crew members. A yacht that appears in the vicinity of the course whose owner has not completed a waiver will be deemed a non-participant.

First warning at 7:10pm with 5 minute rolling starts.

  • Division 1- PHRF
  • Division 2- OPEN (to all boats, no handicap)

Sound Signals

Start times may change from published- please monitor CH69

  • Alert: 7:09pm 5 short
  • Warning (5 min): 7:10pm
  • Division 1: 7:15pm Start
  • Division 2: 7:20pm Start

Division 1 Warning

Pennant 1 Up


1 short

Preparatory Flag Up


1 short

Preparatory Flag Down


1 long

Division 2 Warning

Pennant 1 Down, Pennant 2 Up


1 short

Preparatory Flag Up


1 short

Preparatory Flag Down


1 long


Pennant 2 Down


1 short

Only one race is scheduled per evening. One race shall constitute a series. Will consist the following Friday’s:

June 9, 16, 23

July 7, 14, 21, 28

August 4, 11, 18, 25


  • Division 1- any yacht registered with a PHRF rating in the entry form- self declared rating, no certificate submission required.
  • Division 2- Open to any yacht, no handicap ratings. Finishes will be in place.


Defined as Lake Washington north of Evergreen Point and South of Juanita Point

Courses will be navigators’ courses (not windward-leeward). As such, the start may be upwind or downwind and the line may not be square. Unless otherwise notified by VHF Radio on Channel 69 at 1855 each race day, marks are rounded to port. One of two courses, shown below may be set dependent on wind direction. During a northerly wind, KSSS (N) will be set. During a Southerly, KSSS (S) will be set. Both marks will not be set at the same time, to avoid confusion. The course is Start, KSSS (W), KSSS (N or S), Finish.

The start/finish line is an orange inflatable buoy and the flag at the breakwater at Carillon Point. All other marks of the course are yellow inflatables.

Start line will be off the seawall at Carillon Point Marina with the pin end represented by an inflatable racing buoy and the ‘boat’ end the flag with committee based on the outer part of the dock.

Prior to the start of each race at 1900 hours, each competitor will sail past the race committee hailing the boat name and sail number. Check in by VHF radio is not permitted and will not be acknowledged.

Race committee will attempt to identify recalled yachts and broadcast sail numbers on Ch69. Failure of a yacht to see or hear their recall shall not be grounds for redress.

Finish will be sailing back through the starting line.

Time limit is based on sunset (not nautical twilight).

If 1st boat in a class fails to cross the Start-Finish line in the first full lap by sunset the race will be considered abandoned for that class.

If the 1st boat in a class fails to round the windward mark the 2nd lap then that class will be scored as they crossed the Start Finish line after the 1st lap.

Yachts failing to finish within 30 minutes of the first place in each division will be marked Time Limit Expired (TLE)

Scoring will be calculated using the RORC cox-sprague high-point scoring system and published by email to all registered competitors.

Withdrawals/ retirements shall notify committee on Ch69

Protests there will be no protest hearings.


  • PHRF Championship Trophy – awarded to the yacht with the highest season score, with prizes for the owner/ skipper in first, second and third places
  • Kindheart Trophy – awarded to the individual making the highest season contributions to the KSSS charitable cause.
  • Gary Clouse Trophy – awarded to the individual displaying the highest levels of Corinthian spirit and promotion of the KSSS


After race food and drinks will be provided by Le Grand Bistro at Carillon Point. Competitors will gather outside the Carillon Kitchen Cafe where Le Grand staff will take orders and serve refreshments.

Temporary docking is now available on the north/east end of the outer wall as shown below, with rafting allowed. We are ordering more inflatable fendering that will be in place for Friday evenings but in the meantime please bring your own.



Course A- Northerly Wind

Course B- Southerly Wind