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Kirkland Sailing Club Severe Weather Waiver

I understand the responsibility and duty of all operators to be aware of potential hazards of boating. Weather and sea states pose some of the greatest risks. It is the responsibility of the skipper, no matter what information, training or advice is given, to determine if the weather and sea conditions are within the safe operational range before casting off.

I recognize that vessels of Kirkland Sailing Club are primarily designed and maintained for sheltered inland cruising and may not perform as well in rougher conditions. Issues that can become relevant during such conditions may include the limited sail sizes, lack of redundant lines, electronic, communication and plumbing systems; to name a few. All operators of KSC boats should be fully aware of these limitations.

I realize the crew’s ability to function safely is of concern to all those on board and in any vessel met while sailing. These skills require time to develop and not only include the knowledge to sail, but the ability to move around the boat efficiently, as well as the demands placed on one’s personal physical being. Only the skipper and crew can make this evaluation and this should be done with a conservative attitude. The experience of a sailor, and their crew, is a limiting factor on the conditions one can safely sail.

Kirkland Sailing Club has the policy that we will discourage Basic Keelboat sailors from sailing in weather deemed to be at Beaufort Scale 4 or higher and Basic Coastal sailors at Beaufort Scale 5. These are guidelines, and wind direction and stability may downgrade the scale accordingly. KSC reserves the right to refuse any one the use of our boats due to weather, thunderstorms or during Small Craft Warnings.

Please regard all forecasts as being overly optimistic. If a forecast calls for a 45% of high winds assume you will be sailing in heavy gusts 45% of the time. Additionally, some dangerous conditions found in our local waters may include:

  • un-forecasted high winds
  • moderate winds with intense gust
  • violent downdrafts
  • intense and quick wind shifts
  • thunderstorms
  • fog
  • occasional strong current eddies and rips
  • surface and subsurface debris

Please consider the following before casting off: skill level of the crew, the worst forecast and conditions, emergency harbors, ability to reduce sail, deteriorating weather, and the comfort level of the crew.

I have read the Severe Weather Waiver and I am fully aware of the hazards Strong Winds, Sea States and Adverse Weather poses to the safety of my crew and vessel. I will make my crew is fully aware of these risks and ensure we have the skills needed to handle any situation that we may face while under sail. I take full responsibility of our actions and consequences.