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Kirkland Sailing Club Store

Gift Certificates (Digital)

Click here to order electronic gift cards. A voucher code will be sent to your email for use when purchasing any class with KSC including ‘Basic Keelboat’ and ‘Discover Sailing’

Gift Certificates (Physical)

Please add the recipient name and address in the comments section at checkout! We will send the certificate by mail.




Basic Keelboat 3-Day Course (non-member) $1,395

1 Year Regular Membership $3,735

Kirkland Sailing Club Merch

Customize your own products with the KSC logo on our ZAZZLE store. You can select a product and then change styles and colors to create your own KSC custom items!

What do I need to go sailing?

Here’s some of our favorite products. The basics are are a life jacket, gloves and deck shoes with non-marking soles. It’s often much colder on the water than on land so you might also want to look at foul weather gear to stay warm and dry, even in summer!

And don’t forget the sunscreen! Avoid sprays as they create dangerous, slippery surfaces on a boat. Many sunscreens leave stains on the boat however, we’ve had good experience with Neutrogena products

Technical Clothing from Team One Newport

Life Jackets & Gloves

Jackets & Bibs


(non-marking soles)

Accessories & Books

Training Materials: US Sailing Coastal Navigation Course ESSENTIALS

Training Materials: US Sailing Coastal Navigation Course OPTIONAL